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How To Move From WordPress To Blogger - Easy Migration

How to migrate from Wordpress to Blogger

Most bloggers may be asking why i chose to write a post like this yet to be frank with all of you this post went ahead appeal both from my blog viewers and social network followers, am not attempting to say that blogger is superior to wordpress but both blogging platforms have their own features. There are bunches of reasons why a few bloggers wanted to move their wordpress blogs to blogger.And in this post i will be imparting to all of you a Some of the reasons and how to move a blog from wordpress to blogger.
How to migrate from Wordpress to Blogger

Few reasongs why some bloggers move from wordpress to blogger :

Financial and Traffic issues
The main reason for someone to move back to blogger is it is free.
Not having cash to pay to their hosting .
Finding that its difficult to understand the modules of the wordpress as they are new to Wordpress Platform.
Sudden Suspension:
Your hosting may suspend your blog for some numerous reasons.You will screwed up if you don't have backup of your blog in that case.
Sudden increase in Traffic
As your blog grows you may see increase in your traffic,and when your bandwidth limit is crossed your site will be down.As on blogger there are no worries about bandwidth and it supports the most traffic and absolutely for free.

Step by Step Guide to move from Wordpress to Blogger

1.) Wordpress dashboard

  • First visit your wordpress dashboard
  • Click on tools : ==> export
  • There are lots of options you can choose all or manually tick the once you want to be moved
  • Download the export file

2.)Convert the export file you downloaded

This is a great way to move your wordpress blog and post to blogger, there is a wonderful tool called wordpress to blogger apps it will help in converting the export file and it’s change’s it into blogger’s format
  • Upload the downloaded export file to the conversion tool.
  • Click covert
  • Save the converted file to your computer make sure you mark the name you use in saving it

3.) Last procedures blogger dashboard

  • Visit your blogger dashboard
  • Click on setting ==> other
  • Click on import blog
  • Search for the files you have convert and use it, please don’t use the original wordpress file because it can’t work only the converted file will work.
  • If you want to publish all your imported post check the little box it will be published
  • If you want your post to be saved to draft then uncheck the box
  • Click done or publish
These are all the necessary tips and guide you need in moving your blog from wordpress to blogger with all of your blog posts included.Kindly post back here in comments sections if you found the method to migrate your web site from wordpress to blogger with all of your blog posts, pages and categories included. Dont forget to post in comment section if you find any issue in moving your web site from wordpress to blogger.com
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